Starting Under Saddle:

With our Colt Starting Program your young horse will be started under saddle using Natural Horsemanship Methods, meaning we do not break horses here, we teach them in a kind, gentle and understanding fashion. We do not use big bits, or tie downs in any of our training.
What your Young horse will learn: Your horse will be worked for about 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week. It will learn lots of Natural Horsemanship ground work and tons of Desensitizing to all sorts of objects and obstacles. It will learn how to walk, trot and canter in a circle on correct leads with a rider. It will learn how to Back, Sidepass, Turn on Haunches, Turn on Forehand, Counter Arc, give Laterally and Vertically building toward collection, it will learn how to Think its way through many Obstacle Training and TONS of Trail Miles will be put on your horse as well.
We typically keep the colt for two to three months depending on how it progresses and its personality. We also do tune ups and other training.  Just ask.. 

We only take in a select number of horses a month. That way we can assure every horse gets the amount of time we have promised! Owners are always welcome to drop by and watch their horse being ridden or worked anytime, in fact encouraged!!!!!!!

Feed twice a day
Private stall
Turned out daily
Daily stall cleaning
Licence and Insured since 2008
Security Cameras on site
Barn Owner lives on site

Look forward to hearing from you